Group Leader Resources

See below for some videos and resources to help support you as you serve in this important role. 

The Purpose Of Groups
Group Dynamics
Types Of Groups
What To Expect In Groups
The Role Of The Group Leader
Group Leader Fact Sheet

Thank you for being a group leader! 

Here’s a brief “fact sheet” to help you along the way. 

If your group meets in the building and you find yourself locked out or there’s a problem with the building – you can contact:

  • Fran Lerro – 302.943.4382
  • Dan Lerro – 302.943.9695

Church Center Group – This is a great way to organize your group and communicate with one another. You can view this help page from Church Center for some help in adding events, resources, messages, and more. 

Group Enrollment Periods – There will be 3 periods throughout the year when folks can sign up for groups. Your group can: continue, end, switch up members, etc…  These periods for 2023 are:

  • January 15-30
  • May 28-June 11
  • September 3-17

If someone in your group can’t afford/obtain a particular resource for your group please reach out the Ellen Melnick or Dan Lerro and we’ll be happy to help.